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Smooth acceleration, velocity and force?

  1. Jan 24, 2009 #1
    If a body is in a state of acceleration, thus a changing velocity and it collides with another body. When I am calculating the force of the body do I take into consideration the changing rate of acceleration or just the instantaneous velocity (velocity reached at this point) upon the point of impact.
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    I like this question as it appears to relate to my F = M x A question raised - golfer needs advice posting. As a non-scientist I did not appreciate the difference between speed and acceleration, nor do I still appreciate the significance of any difference with regard to my golf question.

    I very much look forward to reading technical answers to both of our questions.

    It is extremely frustrating when one can intellectually formulate concepts but, due to lack of knowledge, fail to appreciate whether or not they have any merit?

    Is there any scientist golfer out there who would like a straight swop - golf lessons for science lessons? (I'm serious).
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    The change in velocity during a collision is very rapid. The kind of collisions that occur in sports (for example, a baseball bat striking a baseball) have a duration of ~0.05 seconds. To calculate the average force exerted during a collision, divide the change in momentum by the duration of the collision.
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