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Homework Help: SNRDB= 10*log10(SNR) -> log base 10SNR = 10.^(SNRDB/10)

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    SNRDB= 10*log10(SNR) --> log base 10SNR = 10.^(SNRDB/10)

    SNRDB= 10*log10(SNR) --> log base 10

    SNR = 10.^(SNRDB/10) ---(1)

    SNR = exp(SNRDB*ln(10)/10) ---(2)

    How is equation 2 comes as I checked both equation 1 & 2 are equivalent numerically. I am not able to derive equation 2.
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    Re: log

    10=exp(ln(10))=e^(ln(10)). Put that into one of the 10's in the second equation and use properties of exponents.
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    Re: log

    Thankyou I got it now.Cheers!
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