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So everything ISNT particle based?

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    So everything ISNT particle based???

    I'm not like a scientist or anything but I love the subject and i've been doing a lot of research for my novel.
    So heres my quandry...

    Everything is made out of something. And that something is usually a particle. Gravity, space, and matter are all particles...
    ...but within that theres things that arent like... fire. I mean what is fire? Its not matter or particles right? Its a chemical reaction to particles around it but its not a physical thing. Neither is conscienceness or time.

    So in my attempt to picture the universe I first thought of conscienceness starting, then actual matter which was basically coming from energy... everything is energy yet energy is another thing that isnt particle based right? Energy is the govern of all things but it is something that doesn't physically exist. Is that the same as something like thought, time, or fire?

    What is light made out of? Does light make energy or does energy make light?

    So what else isnt made from a particle?
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    Re: So everything ISNT particle based???

    Hi deneco4, welcome to PF! I encourage you to re-read the rules about overly-speculative posts that you agreed to when you signed up. If you have a specific question about physics we would be glad to answer.
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    Re: So everything ISNT particle based???

    Yeah, my question is what are all the things that arent particle based?
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    Re: So everything ISNT particle based???

    The Dark Energy that accounts for most of the energy density of the universe.
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    Re: So everything ISNT particle based???

    so what makes dark energy? what is that?
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    Re: So everything ISNT particle based???

    No one knows, but we think it exists because the expansion of the universe is accelerating. Bith energy and pressure contribute to gravity. Matter in the universe will lead to the expansion of the universe to slow down as a result of gravity.

    Now the pressure of so-called vacuum energy is negative. You may have heard of te Casimir effect in whcih two conducting plates that are not charged attract each other. This happens because the plates change the vacuum state of the electromagnetic field. Now positive pressure would lead to the plates repelling each other, so this effect is due to a negative pressure of the vacuum.

    But negative pressure will lead to negative gravity, hence boost the expansion of the universe.
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    Re: So everything ISNT particle based???

    Whats the difference between energy and dark energy? Where would dark energy even be found? Is it anything like dark matter?
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    Re: So everything ISNT particle based???

    Its a power to end power?
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    Re: So everything ISNT particle based???

    Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Light exhibits a "wave-particle" duality, sharing properties between both particles and waves. Light is a form of energy.


    Fire is hot gas or plasma. It's just particles reacting together giving off heat and light (which are both forms of energy).

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plasma_(physics [Broken])

    Energy is related to mass through E=mc^2.


    Simply put, energy is the capacity to do work.

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    Re: So everything ISNT particle based???

    your saying light, fire, and energy are particle based?

    Everything i read says they arent.

    What comes first, energy or light?
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    Re: So everything ISNT particle based???

    That should answer one of your questions.
    They're not particles, but they use particles to become what they are. Fire being the chemical reaction from fuel and oxygen.

    Fuel - from particles
    Oxygen - from particles.
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    Re: So everything ISNT particle based???

    I would say space and time. According to current theory, everything else is particles (quantized excitations of a field).
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    Re: So everything ISNT particle based???

    Stock market prices aren't particles. Tournament results aren't particles. They are all a form of information only.
    However everything on earth that is some kind of object is made of either atoms (see periodic system of elements) or photons (particles of light, radio waves, heat radiation, xray, ...). Occationally atoms might be split into electrons, neutrons and protons, too. No exceptions to this! (apart from some other elementary particles which don't play a role)

    I can tell that you are a writer, because you think in words invented by the human kind :) Just because a person can vocalize a sound that you would recognise as one particular world, doesn't mean that it is something real. I mean another tribe on our planet might not have a word for it.

    Like "conscienceness". It's just plainly a word and doesn't exist as anything. Maybe the closest explanation to it's real existence can give a neurologist. And consider that conceptionally a computer that print "I have conscienceness" on the screen, is in no way different from humans. It is our self-centeredness that disallows computers to have conscienceness. By that I mean there is no definition of it possible that would distinguish humans from computer. One can only distinguish by cheating and explicitely defining that only humans have it.

    Fire is two thing together:
    - appropriate particles (like carbon based)
    - appropriate interaction (self-sustaining dynamics) between the particles

    The latter part is the big challenge for physics nowadays. We know all constituents of our world, we know the basic rules they follow, but most of the time we don't have an idea what happens when a huge number of constituents start interacting (by the well known rules). Some macroscopic unforseeable effects can occur. For example we know the equations for hydrodynamics, but we cannot understand how turbulences behave.

    See also current challenges:
    This might give you an idea.

    There is some research on the question what time really is. Trying googling if you are interested . But the question is also "Why do we care to know more about time, than we do now?" What will it give us? More food, shelter or joy?

    All particles have some energy and energy can only be contained in particles. There is something like potential energy that is attributed to the relative orientation of particles.

    Light is photons. So I've given it another name now - and now? You see that some questions are too philosophical, i.e. the are a matter of human vocabulary, but are not considering anything real.

    Light and all matter (atoms, ...) mentioned do all contain energy.

    All matter is made from particles.
    As often as possible people are trying to transfer the concept of particles to more complex phenomena. For example
    This effect is a collection of particle motions, but yet physicists like to see it as a particle, because it makes calculations and thinking about it easier.

    It's important that you think in picture if you want to understand the "real" world. Just because a human can put together some letters, doesn't mean it's a logical question. I could ask "Why is black not blue and for how long?". But this question doesn't mean anything. It's just a collection of words.
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