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So is this scary? (Black Hole in binary system)

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    Close to non-existing.
    News at space.com

    8 kly is far away, and it is not even a supernova.
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    Scientists suspect stellar mass black holes may be very common in our galaxy. We are still here so the threat is probably minimal.
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    It would also suggest that V404 Cygni is not siphoning mass from its companion in a steady and even manner. Since the companion orbits the black hole every 6.5 days, this latest burst of x-ray emissions would not seem to be related to its orbit. Could there be some variability in the companion that causes additional mass to be transferred? Or could it merely be an accumulation of mass in the accretion disc of the black hole before the excess mass is ejected from the poles of the black hole as x-rays and gamma-rays?
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