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So You Think You Know Christopher Columbus?

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    In fifteen days, America will be celebrating Christopher Columbus's arrival in 1492. Does it deserve to be celebrated? I don't think so. Read the essay I have attached for info on why I don't think so.

    Tell me what you think. Do you agree with me? Am I using proper grammar?

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    To be honest, it is a bit simple in its tone and execution. Is this from an assignment for school?

    It would be much stronger and more compelling if you cited a few historical references (not a wikipedia-type reference, but an original source) to support your points. You could add a few more quotes, and give links to the sources, for example. Especially for PF consumption, it is always best to give a link to the source of quotes that you use.
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    First of all, that is not an essay, that is some tiny paragraphs. Second of all, I agree with your point, the best description I've ever read for Columbus was:
    EDIT: sorry about not censoring out the profanity, although perhaps that message has greater effect. :)
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    Yeah I concede with the comments above. This was very poorly written and not persuading In the slightest. I think it should be celebrated just out of tradition and if we could decide again maybe not have dedicated a day for him.
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    If you want to read interesting and poetic attacks against Columbus read latin amaerican literature.

    Of the most interesting attacks was in:
    Open Veins five centuries of rape and plunder of a continent

    And Genesis

    Both are by the same author Eduardo Galeano.

    Of notable mentio is Carlos Fuentes the Buried Mirror and one of his other books forgot which one.
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