Programs So you want to get a PhD in physics? The video!

  1. OK, 'fess up. Which one of you made this?

    I'm sending it around to the other grad students in my program.
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  3. This is amazing!
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    Is the dialog from a PF thread? It sounds so familiar.
  5. oMFG THIS SOUNDS LIKE ALL FIRST POSTS. Like literally, it's the same thing.
  6. The one for the humanities is far more depressing.
  7. I'll never understand why doing a PhD in physics is synonymous with doing cosmology or string theory and then doing post docs for the rest of your life because you can't get a tenure track position.
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    That's so awesome.
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    LAWLS "I'm 32 and I haven't seen my adviser in 3 years"

    I'm sad now.
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    LAWLS the "So you want to be a humanities PhD" is the funniest thing ever!!!!! These are all wonderful....
  11. ROFL HAHAHAHHA!!! :rofl:
  12. Fantastic...absolutely fantastic!
  13. That was GREAT!!! Everyone should have to watch this and the humanities one before joining PF.
  14. Fantastic video !!!! I'm also interested in string theory LOL
  15. Great video!!!

    And the video was a little inaccurate about the number of jobs in academia. The good news is that there are more than five jobs available. The bad news is that the real number is around 15-20.

    Here they all are..
  16. Doesn't matter much, because you'll be in post-doc hell regardless of what type of physics you go into.

    The good news is that you won't be doing post-docs for the rest of your life. The bad news is that the reason you won't be doing post-docs for the rest of your life is that after the second one, you are not likely to get a third, and you certainly will not be getting a fourth. If you are totally desperate to stay in academia, then at that point you are teaching community college and making less money than a plumber.
  17. Hilarious vid! As I was watching some of the sidebar links I found a funny Simpsons clip along the same lines, here is the link.
  18. What I mean is that I personally know many successful physics PhD's who are employed in industry. I'm pretty sure most of them didn't do more than one post-doc, if that. Physics PhD's are very employable at high tech Fortune 500 companies. If I were to do a PhD it would be in hopes of getting a job like that, not with some pipe dream of being a professor at Princeton.

    In my opinion, this video is attacking a strange, unrealistic perception of what a PhD in physics is for. It is funny only in the way it mocks the 15 year olds who routinely post here about how their dream is to study string theory.
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  19. An unrealistic perception that a large number of posters in this sub-forum tend to have. In my opinion, its best to knock these folks down a little bit. Thats a whole other thread though...

    I like the video! Made me giggle a bit. Now on to the humanities
  21. I think additional voices cost some $. There are a bunch of these types of videos on Youtube mocking different fields and professions.

    So far, I have seen videos mocking economics, political science, theoretical computer science, film, law school, humanities, and business school.
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