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Soap Making - Chemistry Project

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    We're doing a project in which we are investigating the effects of sodium laureth sulphate and ammonium lauryl sulphate on the human body (these are surfactants). NOW, we would like to know exactly how to make soap. we need direct procedures on the saponification process (including measurements if possible) and when to add the surfactant and so on...

    Basically, I am asking if anyone knows the exact process for making soap in with the capabilities of a High School laboratory.

    I would also appreciate sources if anyone knows of them.

    Thanks, truly appreciated
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    For an exact process, you'll need to refer to a standard lab manual, perhaps you may be able to go to a local university and buy an organic chemistry lab manual (look through the pages to see if it includes the experiment before you actually buy it). It's a pretty simple process, but you'll be better off referring to the standard procedure, especially if this is for a school project. Movies, mrjeffrey, or any other organic chemists here may be able to outline the basic procedures.

    You may also want to try searching about.com s chemistry section.

    hope it works out well
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    I dontk now so much about making those fancy types of soaps, but I suspect it wouldnt be too different from the ordinary lye soap procedure (basically, fat + NaOH).

    From what I found out, both Sodium laureth Sulphate and Ammonium lauryl Sulphate are derived from Coconut oil and a used a lot in shampoos since they lather up really well. You can thicken them up easily to make more firm soaps as well using NaCl (or atleast the Ammonium one, I am not sure about the Sodium).
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