Making perovskite solar cell crystals w/o heating

I'm a high schooler involved in a research in which we aim to grow perovskite crystals in microgravity. I've recently come across this article ( in which they explain how to grow better perovskite crystals without heating at all. They seem to have used DEE and NMP solvents, (I've done a little more research and it seems that there are other solvents that could be used as well), but I can't seem to find the exact procedures to produce quality crystals this way. They do explain it briefly in the article, but it's a little vague for us to try do it ourselves. Of course, there's the traditional heating-up method, but we can't use that method in our experiment because of the temperature limit. Does anyone know how exactly the making of perovskite crystals can be done without using heating? Any help would really be appreciated!
Oh — I didn't know they provided a free article. Thank you!

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