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Social isolation caused by working on my master's thesis is driving me

  1. Jul 15, 2006 #1
    It's official.

    Social isolation caused by working on my master's thesis is driving me insane. The sharp difference between the academic year, with it's frequent meetings, social events and occasional lecture and the summer where all I can look forward to is writing another section is starting to get to me.

    To summarise :


    Thank you for your time.
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    What are you doing online? Get back to work, slacker!
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    George Jones

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    And I thought this was going to be an important announcement, like you eloped and got married last night.

    Hope venting helped.

    Go out for a beer or two tonight.
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    It's around midnight here, so I'm not about to go back to work.

    The problem is that there is NOTHING to do where I live (some dead-end village between Leuven and Brussels), and that most people I know are back in Brussels. So going out for a beer is not an option.

    To make things worse, but bottle of Bordeaux is empty! :cry:
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    Awwww {{{{{Dimitri}}}}} (hugs Dimitri).

    Well, on a happy note, I just discovered today that they opened a liquor store within two miles of my house. :approve:


    But Dimitri, you have us, how can you be bored or unhappy?
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    Okay, it won't help tonight, but is there a gym you could join? I know a lot of people, including myself, who joined a gym while writing their thesis/dissertation. Just an hour a day of working out (do whatever kind you like...weight lift, treadmills, join a class, etc.) helps relieve the stress associating with thesis writing, and helps keep you in shape and from starting to get lethargic from sitting at a computer for so much time every day. You can get some social interaction with people at the gym too. And, since it's something you can plan easily, but won't matter if you show up an hour late because you were suddenly inspired to write another section and didn't want to stop, it works well with thesis writing.

    If you don't have a gym nearby, or really, really, really hate exercising, anything that you can plan for about an hour a day will help keep you from going completely stir crazy. And, plan a night out about once a week...or even a night in with friends...whatever, just something to remember the rest of the world beyond your computer and stacks of journal articles still exists.

    Barring all of that, just drop off your sanity in a PF safety deposit box, and we'll make sure it gets returned to you when you're done. :biggrin:
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    Well Moonbear, thats only true if Danger dosen't pick the lock. Then he will only be able to buy it back in mini-chunks from E-Bay Canadia.
  9. Jul 16, 2006 #8
    @Evo : Thanks

    @Moonbear : That is a good suggestion. I'm actually a member of the university gym. I didn't have the time to go all that often during the last semester, but I'm going to try and make up for that now. I'm thinking my mental stability will be improved if I try to get some (shudder...) routine in my life. How does this sound?

    Morning : Do actual research at home (my mind is freshest in the morning), do housework (I live alone in a rather big house, so this takes time).

    Afternoon : Go to the university and hang out there. Take my laptop and write thesis.

    Late afternoon : Go to the gym

    Evening : Depending on what day it is, some social gathering

    Yes...that's sounds nice. Wonder how long I'll be able to keep it up.
  10. Jul 16, 2006 #9


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    I was totally, utterly drained after my thesis.
    Although, academically speaking, it was a success (I got top grade), it was a mental disaster for me.

    Do NOT isolate yourself as I did, take care of the danger signs you feel.
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    :rofl: I didn't say we'd return it in the same condition he left it. :biggrin:

    Dmitri, that sounds like a decent plan. Of course you can change it up a bit when you need to. For instance, if it's an absolutely gorgeous day, you might want to take your laptop to a sidewalk cafe if there's one around, or something like that. Your writing will improve if you take breaks too. Setting the writing aside for a while each day and then coming back to it with a fresh mind will help you notice mistakes more quickly than if you're staring at it for hours and hours just sick of staring at it.

    Good luck with your writing. Do you have a defense date planned yet? We'll get the party dudes rounded up as soon as you do! :biggrin:
  12. Jul 16, 2006 #11
    Thanks. No, not yet, but it will probably be early September. I think the thesis must be handed in somewhere in late August (remind me to check this...).

    I'll let you guys know when the time is there. :wink:
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