Software to demonstrate addition of SHO's

  1. Hi

    I am looking for a simulation software to demonstrate addition of waves with different amplitudes, frequencies , velocities. So I should be able to define , say , 2 to 3 component
    waves and the output will give me the addition of these waves. I think showing actual
    simulation helps students learn about phase and group velocities.......

    if anybody knows such software , preferably for windows , please let me know.......

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  3. Most I know of are additions of harmonics (aka. fourier synthesis): Decent ones with different functions are on PhET and on the more obscure NTNUJava Physics simulation sites.

    One that allows you to change frequency and direction of to co-linear waves is on NTNUJava, but doesn't include the possibility of dispersion.

    Edited to add: This one might also serve you well!
  4. thanks for the reply. what about mathematica ? can it do these things ? i am currently
    downloading it.
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