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B Solar cell educational graphics - review for possible errors

  1. Jun 22, 2016 #1
    Hi, Jake here. I've created some graphics about solar cells that covers high level, general info and even delves into some atomic-level subjects. However, I'm no physicist and I'm sure it shows. If any of you could take a quick look at my work and review for errors, that would be awesome. My projects tend to get a lot of traffic online and accuracy is essential!

    Here's the project, but please don't share outside of this forum: http://animagraffs.com/preview/solar-cell/
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  3. Jun 22, 2016 #2
    This part, for example, is not very good:

    "The p-n junction gives electrons current (flow rate and direction) and voltage (flow pressure). It is the key to extracting excited electrons from the cell. The p-n junction is formed by joining two different types of doped silicon together."

    To give electrons current is meaningless. It does not have any physical meaning.
    And the p-n junction is not formed by joining separate pieces together. The two types are produced on the same piece of wafer, by various techniques.
  4. Jun 23, 2016 #3
    Thanks for the feedback, I'll update the text accordingly! I'd be surprised if that were the only error in my research … does anyone see anything else?
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