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Solar-distilled Water & your health

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    What I understand from solar distillation of water process is that the sun's heat causes water to evaporate, separating the water vapor from salt or impurities.

    So there's no transfer of contaminants. You can do this on fertilized lawns!

    The drinking of distilled water has been both advocated and discouraged (because of the lack of beneficial minerals) for health reasons.

    I don't understand why we need minerals in our water.
    We get minerals from food. Why we need them in our water?
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    It is a matter of amount - if you DO get enough in the food, it shouldn't matter if they are in the water you drink.

    But we evolved drinking water that was not distilled, and that's what our digestive tract is used to work with, so I would not drink distilled water unless in emergency. Just in case.
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    Distilled water is only suitable for short term use, life raft at sea ect were you have no other sources. Rain water and snow also fall into this category. Mineral water supplies the body with trace elements and minerals/salts, whereas distilled water actively draws and deplete's essential electrolytes from the body which can lead to hyponatremia and heart failure. I know this sounds gross but it may be beneficial to add small amounts of urine [5ml per liter] to your distilled water to maintain better health in an emergency!

    In Africa were water is frequently contaminated by dangerous pathogens it is common for people to collect the water in clear plastic bottles. The sealed bottles of water is left in the full influence of the sun for 4 to 6 hours were the UV light is very effective at killing the pathogens. This is known as solar sterilisation and is quite common practice were fuel for fires is scarce.
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    lets see there is the fluoride in the water supposedly for teeth. what other minerals are there in the sink water. Dont most people buy those filters anyways. If you work in an office, dont you think drink from a water cooler.

    I would prefer distilled water over the yellow and cloudy stuff thats in some sinks
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