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Solar System inside a black hole

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    Is it possible for our solar system to be located inside a black hole which is our galactic centre?
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    Listen Jon! I don't want to disappoint you but the experience I have in dealing with such questions, tells me that this is going to reach nowhere. Such questions usually come out of a sequence of thoughts which are usually a little confused and also with some wrong assumptions because of the low level of knowledge. Now if we only answer this question, we're going to tell you this idea is all wrong and you're not going to get much out of it. So I suggest you to present the sequence of thoughts that led you to this question and then we can explain to you the wrong things in that sequence and lead you to a conclusion you can actually learn something from.
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    This "universe in a black hole" kind of thing is debunked here regularly. I suggest a forum search. Or better yet, read some actual cosmology, not pop-sci nonsense like this. It's easy to get confused by such concepts if you haven't studied the basics but if you have, such questions become immediately apparent as nonsense.
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    As posed, the question has a clear, well-defined answer, and that is "no". Our solar system and the galactic center are in two different places. It can't be over there, because it's over here.
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