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Solar thermal collectors in parallel

  1. Mar 8, 2016 #1
    I am using TRYNSYS software to simulate solar thermal cooling. I need to install many solar thermal panels (evacuated tubes) in parallel. However, there is no feature to do that automatically in the software; so I can only add them manually with complex piping and stuff. So my question is:
    Is installing multiple solar thermal panels in parallel is the same as having a one huge panel with an area of the summed areas of the multiple panels? Because if this true, I can just increase the size of the panels in the software and my problem will be solved.
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    I would say "yes" in principle, provided the piping is scaled to handle the additional flow and you add flow rates on the specs (if that's a parameter). I am not familiar with what parameters TRYNSYS uses but a brief glance at the spec sheets at solarpanelplus.com does not appear to bother with internal layout (whether individual tubes are connected in parallel or serially) so why should you?
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    Thanks Jambaugh, So I can safely assume that doubling the area of a single collector (with increasing tubes diameters) will have the same effect of having two panels connected in parallel?
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