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Solar wind + Weak magnetic field = No water?

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    Is it possible that one day, the earth magnetic field get so weaken that solar wind could strip off water from earth? I ask this because of this article which leads me to draw the parallel. http://www.geotimes.org/sept04/NN_solarstorms.html [Broken]
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    I've read conflicting articles about this -- mostly on if/when the magnetic field will weaken.

    However, there is a pretty good concensus that the magnetic field will weaken (and has) sometime soon as it will flip polarity. Measurements of the magnetic field show eventually the north and south poles will flip -- and that they have migrated from their positions already as compared to the past.

    You might want to do a search of SciAm and Discovery over the last few years as I think they've covered the subject a few times.
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    I don't think so though that this will happen for a long, long time actually, but I think that the effects will be temporary though. The solar winds probably can't pick a whole lot of water, whenever the top happens.
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    NOVA on WJCTv did a show on this like 8 years ago.

    Yes Earth's magnetic field is going to weaken bu thenget strong again. During this time we won't lose pretty much anything because its so short.

    Mar with out a magnetic field: 2,000,000,000

    Earth's max without a field: 3,000
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    Thks to all who replied :)
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