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Homework Help: Soleniod Field Direction With Battery

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    I am very confused that when a solenoid is attached with a battery then where its lines of forces will be directed? ie from +ve to -ve or from -ve to +ve ?
    I ahve visited these two websites but both have different answers for same situation.

    http://www.physchem.co.za/Current10/Magnetic1.htm#solenoid" [Broken]


    So guide me.


    Rizwan Khalil
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    Your first link does not work.
    The second link shows the correct direction of the magnetic field (these should not be called "lines of force") given the direction of the current shown. Using the fact that the current flows out of the positive terminal of a battery an dinto the negative terminal of the battery you can tell that (if you look at the "electromagnet" picture shown at the bottom of the website), the bottom wire would be connected to the positive terminal of the battery and the top wire would be connected to the negative terminal of the battery.

    Hope this helps

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    Hi adabistanesoophia, and welcome to PF. Have you learned how to use the Right Hand Rule yet to tell you which way the magnetic field lines are directed around a current? That's the easiest way to keep the directions straight.
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