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Solution to the Problem of Correlation of Matter and Field

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    I offer you the solution of a fundamental problem of physics: the relationship between the matter (body) and the field. Many outstanding minds in theoretical physics, including Einstein, tried to resolve this problem, but failed.

    If 1924 French physicist Louis de Broglie put forward a sufficiently "crazy" idea of (an expression Einstein), suggesting that all of the particles - electrons, protons, and whole atoms have wave properties, then I put forward more "crazy" idea that all bodies in a micro and macro world, in addition to its basic properties like mass, have a field (gravitational, electromagnets, magnetic, static, etc. .) And that the body, under certain conditions, appears in one of these qualities as dominant: if a mass, then the field becomes imperceptible and the body has weight, and if as a field, then the mass becomes imperceptible and the body becomes weightless. In both cases - this is the normal condition of the body. ....

    Laws governing the behavior of the body as a field
    If Newton's three laws are the basis of conduct of the body as mass, then the laws of the field, discovered by me, are the basis of conduct of the body as a field.

    First law: the body, acting in the form of field, becomes weightless.
    Second Law: the body is in motion until the force of the field acts on it, or the acceleration of the body directly proportional to the force with which the field acts on the field of the body.
    The third law: the force with which the field acts on the field of the body, directly proportional to the difference between the energy density of the fields and to acceleration of the body and does not depend on the mass of the body....
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    If it is your independent research results, try to submit them to the "Independent Research" section. Otherwise your post will be removed.
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