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Homework Help: Solve a problem relating to IMA HELP!

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    solve a problem relating to IMA!! HELP!

    a dolly with cans has a combined mass of 72kg (x 9.8 = Fr) and is pushed up a hill.
    the hill has an angle of inclination of 12.5 degrees and the cans are pushed a distance of 15m (De) in a time of 8.21 seconds. a constant force of 356.2 N (Fe) is necessary to push the loaded dolly up the hill at a constant velocity. calculate the following:

    ideal mechanical advantage of the inclined plane (hill):

    IMA = De / Dr

    IMA = 15m / Dr

    How do I find distance resistance???
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    Re: solve a problem relating to IMA!! HELP!

    That's the distance that the cart travels vertically (against gravity), since without the dolly, you'd have to lift the cans upwards.
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