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  3. Nope dude, that's incorrect. x and y are wrong. Try forming a real-valued denominator and then check again what x and y are.
  4. i do not get it ? A complex number has a Real part and an Imaginary part. The idea is to breakdown the expression in the form x+iy so i do not understand why you are talking of real valued denominator. Kindly expound by looking at the problem and check where i went wrong.
  5. Suppose z=1/(a+i*b)
    Then z not equal to 1/a + i*1/b
    Why? Basic fraction calculus. You cannot "split up" a fraction among its denominator, which is what you're intending. You can split it up among the nominator though, so you should make the denominator real-valued by expanding with its complex conjugate, that is
    so your final expression would be

    If you don't understand the above, my advice would be to real a bit about basics of complex numbers on wikipedia (no offense)
  6. Ha..,Thanks Susskind for the insight.
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