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Homework Help: Solving a pulley system (Dynamics)

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    Solving a problem about a pulley system (dynamics)

    A 100 kg crate is supported by a rope which passes over a 25 kg pulley. A 2nd rope connects the pulley to the ceiling. The system is stationary.

    ƩFx=0 ƩFy=0

    I am having problems setting up the free body diagram to start the problem!
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    Where does the other end of the first rope go? Are both ends attached to the crate?
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    well using the information that you gave which is not very clear.

    Your freebody diagram would be:

    mg acting downward on the 1000kg block and Tension (T) acting upward on the block

    Thats just for the block.

    There are no foces acting in the X axis

    ƩFy=o=T-mg (this is the sum of forces acting on the block)

    Now the info that you gave in your original post was not very clear.. Please correct me if i missed anything and i will go back and make sure i correct everything.
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    Re: Solving a problem about a pulley system (dynamics)

    You haven't stated what you are trying to find. It sounds like you want to find the tension in the rope connected to the ceiling. In that case you need a free body where that tension appears.
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