Solving Modeling Problem with 2 Intersecting Rectangles

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In summary, the two rectangles are created using a simple rectangle area. The vertical rectangle has no effect on the horizontal one, but contact elements are necessary to avoid failure.
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Hope this finds you well...

i am having a problem analyzing a simple model that consists of 2 rectangles intersecting. the creation of the rectangles, material definition, BC, loading conditions...etc is done. but first: how can i define one rectangle to be a rigid body? second: the vertical rectangle seem to deform, but has no effect whatsoever on the horizontal rectangle??

Please help. Thank you in advance

P.S I've included a file of the model.


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How were the two rectangles, which I assume are bars, or blocks created? Are these rectangles 2-D?

What does it mean that the two rectangles are intersecting? Does the vertical rectangle sit atop the horizontal rectangle?

If these are two physically independent structures, one needs to use contact elements between the nodes, which are in contact at the two surfaces. This allow the transmission of load and allows contacting nodes to displace together.
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they were created using simple rectangle areas. yes thery are 2-D.
there are like L-shated rectangles. forct is applied at one rectangle from its farend horizontal line, which if effect should deflect the horizontal rectangle which is only constrained from one end. the simulation is supposed to be linear and static. is there any way i can avoid contact?

Thank you for your reply
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is there any way i can avoid contact?
I believe the only way would be to have a single solid body. I suspect the 'two' rectangles behave as two separate bodies, and hence, contact elements between adjacent contacting nodes (or adjacent elements) are necessary.
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yes. but hen i use contact element, my analysis will somewhat involve nonlinearity of which is not the assumption considered in my type of analysis. i ant to considere a perfect bond wetmeen the bodies and contact is not to be considered. this can be easly accoplished in Ansys Workbench, but in classical ansys, failure is my end result :(

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