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How to model Soil layers in COMSOL

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    Hi all,

    i Have a small problem regarding modeling of Soil layers..

    The problem is , I need to draw 3layers of soil each measuring 3*0.7, 3*0.15, 3*0.25 .At the middle of the 3*0.25 layer i need to apply a load of 60Kpa & find out the deformation on all the layers because of that load. I started with a 2d model & drew 3 rectangles of given dimension. on the 0.25 layer i applied the load & applied respective conditions. Meshed it & analyzed the result. When i analyzed it, it appeared in 3D. Donno what had happened. your Help is highly appreciated.

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    Hi Phanindra, what application mode are you running? If you set it to 2D would think it would "stick" there.
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