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Solving systems of equations with complex numbers

  1. Nov 2, 2007 #1
    I can easily solve systems of equations with no complex numbers, could somebody give a short overview of the easiest way to do this by hand.

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    I'm guessing from your statement about easily solving that you mean linear systems. In that case, you can split the real and imaginary parts apart and get two separate sets of equations each of which can be solved (as real systems).
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    yes, i need to be able to solve a system of linear equations which include complex numbers. The method you described sounds perfect, is there any way I could get a little more detail?
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    Not to my knowledge. I can't figure out what more you might want.
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    Linear equations with complex coefficients can be solved in precisely the same manner as linear equations with real coefficients.
    There is no need to split up in real&complex parts.
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