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Some doubts about gold membership

  1. Mar 27, 2013 #1
    I was reading gold membership advantagesa and there were only two that caught my attention:

    - Boolean searching: what are the boolean options?
    - Recognition charts: how do you measure recognition? is it your recognition or other's as well?
    - Custom title. Increases the limit characters of the title?

    Can someone explain to me what they are?
    The avatar, signature, profile photo, ads, set invible,who's online, advantages like better don't interest me.
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    The biggest advantage is that you support a worthy cause :)
    The rest are just small perks.
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    ok, fair enough but I'm far from rich here. I would like to know what those perks are about.
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    I'm not sure about the first 2 questions (boolean and recognition)

    However, the custom title is the "gold member" thing. You can check it out below my avatar. Under "Recognitions".
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    Boolean searching is something like "relativity OR relativistic". I don't know how complex the expressions are allowed to get, but AND and OR (and probably NOT) should work.
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    Nice, I will post in my university after the holidays!
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    Wow tsuwal. You look really nice in gold. I see from your profile that your favorite area of science is Biomedical Engineering. Very noble. Welcome to Physics Forums.
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