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Some questions regarding wind turbine

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    Hey guys,
    I am starting with the course for wind energy and although i have a pretty good knowledge until now , but I am still confused about somethings which i hope some of you will help me to clear :)

    Q1. Ok .... so why is there a twist in the blade? I mean wouldn't it be much easier to design a same type of blade without a twist?

    Q.2. What is the typical value of the axial induction factor of a wind turbine? I mean isnt it betz limit?

    Q3. What do you mean when you say , LOADS on wind Turbine? Now this one is really confusing

    Thanks alot for ur kind attention
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    Q1. The turbine blade has an airfoil section.
    The turbine rotates perpendicular to the wind direction.
    At any radius along the blade there is a blade velocity proportional to RPM and radius.
    The wind speed is the same at all radii.
    The vector sum of the wind and the rotational component velocities gives the apparent angle of airflow over the blade.
    The twist in the blade is that apparent angle plus the airfoil angle of attack required to maximise L/D ratio.

    Q2. ?

    Q3. The term "load" is context dependent.
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