What is Wind turbine: Definition and 180 Discussions

A wind turbine is a device that converts the wind's kinetic energy into electrical energy.
Wind turbines are manufactured in a wide range of sizes, with either horizontal or vertical axes. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of large turbines, in installations known as wind farms, now generate over 650 gigawatts of power, with 60 GW added each year. They are an increasingly important source of intermittent renewable energy, and are used in many countries to lower energy costs and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. One study claimed that, as of 2009, wind had the "lowest relative greenhouse gas emissions, the least water consumption demands and... the most favourable social impacts" compared to photovoltaic, hydro, geothermal, coal and gas.Smaller wind turbines are used for applications such as battery charging for auxiliary power for boats or caravans, and to power traffic warning signs. Larger turbines can contribute to a domestic power supply while selling unused power back to the utility supplier via the electrical grid.

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  1. T

    Gap needed for two adjacent aerodynamic blades to be useful

    I have designed a new kind of wind turbine and recently I have tried an ANSYS simulation of the machine. The photo above is from the ANSYS report. In the photo, you can see that all the flow passing through the turbine has got a bend. The blades are aerodynamic airfoils and is set at 10 degree...
  2. O

    Why Does My Rewound Alternator with Copper Wire Not Generate Power?

    Hi, I am trying to rewind an existing Chinese alternator, it comprises of rotor with 12 magnets and 18 poles (stator), the original design produced virtually no power , aluminium windings have been removed and I have replaced with copper 20 gauge wire, 7 turns per pole, I spin it and nothing...
  3. N

    B Calculating Wind Turbine Torque - Get the Right Result!

    Hello everyone, I am reading a book about wind power turbines and found a calculation. I tried it myself and the numbers doesn't match. Here is an image of the data and result. I don't get to the same torque. And also what do you think about the moment of inertia value? Before the data...
  4. jonagad

    Engineering Trying to design Wind Turbine Blades

    Hello, I'm trying to follow the instructions from the book "Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines"-Martin O.L. Hansen, to design a blade, the method it's the BEM accounting for the tip loss (Prandtl) and Glauert corrections, but I can't get it right, for the Cl (lift coefficient) and Cd (drag...
  5. I

    Why do wind turbines pitch their blades?

    Hi all. I'm new to this forum and to wind turbine technology in general, and I watched one of these one-minute videos explaining why wind turbines pitch their blades but it doesn not make sense to me. Why don't you just get a bigger generator? You'd get more energy for the same blades, same...
  6. J

    A Derek Muller and UCLA Prof. Alexander Kusenko -- Downwind Physics Wager

    Derek Muller is the Veritasium YouTube channel host and he had a wager against UCLA professor Alexander Kusenko on whether a unpowered car going downwind can go faster than the wind. Derek Muller said it can go faster than the wind, while Alexander Kusenko said it only seems that way because...
  7. hagopbul

    De-icing the wind turbines in Texas

    Summary:: how we can de ice the turbine in case of sudden frezzing like what happened in texas hello all : i was watching the news and saw the news talking about frezzing of wind farms in texas state , and losing about 35% of the energy due to that problem can we use the following methods to...
  8. N

    I Why is it claimed that Betz's limit is a law?

    Large wind turbines have become very efficient and have a power coefficient close to that defined by Betz. However, large wind turbines are stopped when the wind is too strong, not because they produce too much, but because their blades are subject to bending stresses which may break their...
  9. T

    Fluid flow around a wind turbine blade -- help please

    I have to estimate the Reynolds number of the fluid flowing around a blade but I only have one detail: the length of the blade is 0.66m. I have no idea how to do it and I got to submit the assignment in a week, I am desperate for help here.
  10. A

    How to determine Wind turbine RPM

    How to determine rpm of rotational body such as wind turbine blades. Is there any relation of input wind velocity with the blade rpm? If the rpm formula in relation to input wind velocity is known then I can choose exact matching rpm for electrical generator for a given power output. As per...
  11. Jess1980

    Pitch axis location of aerodynamic profiles of wind turbine blades

    Summary:: How is the pitch axis location of an aerodynamic profile decided? Hi, I drew a wind turbine blade in a CAD software. I used information on the pitch axis location I had on the various aerodynamic profiles I used to draw the blade. I understand that it allowed me to align the various...
  12. R

    Can I store electricity from a wind turbine directly into a battery?

    Hello, This is an enquiry about the wind turbine electricity and battery storage. I am framing it based on my limited understanding. Please advise me. I intend to install and capture the wind energy through a small wind turbine at my home. The turbine shaft will be directly connected to the...
  13. Hassan Elkady

    Calculate Braking Torque in Wind Turbine Design

    How can I calculate the braking torque in wind turbine?
  14. T

    Vertical wind turbine with two concentric rotors

    Hello. For a long time, I wanted to build a wind turbine prototype that would have two concentric rotors. The design was inspired by an automotive torque converter, used with automatic transmissions. This device would have an external rotor that would be coupled to one generator and an internal...
  15. B

    How to calculate the torque for a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT)

    For my senior design project we are designing a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) and trying to increase efficiency by adding flexible parts to the blades. We are currently in the process of ordering a motor/generator where we can test our new model against the same model but with standard...
  16. J

    Automotive Wind Turbine on the grill of the car

    Hi, I'm currently in High school so I'm uncertain whether this could be feasibly possible. I read on another thread that Wind Turbine's produce too much drag to actually be beneficial to your car and energy. BUT, they all discussed the wind turbine being on the top of the car. I was thinking...
  17. deckart

    Wind Turbine Hydraulic to Electrical Conversion

    As a hobby for the last couple of years, I've been designing various theoretical wave and wind generator devices. One of the primary criteria is that the electrical power generation components have to be easily accessible. For wave power, electrical power generation has to be on shore not in...
  18. Physics345

    Wind Turbine Energy Transformations

    Homework Statement In point form, outline the process through which electricity is generated from a wind turbine, highlighting the energy transformations that occur. Then state an advantage for this type of electricity production that have not already been discussed in the lesson. Homework...
  19. L

    Finding the sum and difference of two drag coefficients

    Homework Statement I have to determine the sum and difference of the two coefficients of drag between two individual items that make a torque AUT. I'm given the diameter of each bottle (6.35 cm), wind velocity (14.3 m/s), the forces of the lift load cells (+0.0741 N, -0.0741 N), and the force...
  20. A

    Choosing a wind turbine generator

    I'm doing a school project in which I'm building a wind turbine. The next step for me is to choose a generator but I'm not completely sure what is right for me. I expect to come up to 300 rpm as an average and need the required voltage to for a car battery, which is around 14.4 volt. My...
  21. D

    What generator/DC motor do I need for my wind turbine

    I am making a small wind turbine for my A-level RMT and wondering what kind of generator I need to charge a 12volt battery. The turbine is a vertical axis savonius turbine that will probably be about a meter high and half a meter wide. I know I can use permanent magnet dc motors and someone...
  22. unseeingdog

    How to make a rotating rod turn the axle of a small motor?

    I'm building a small wind turbine and I'm trying to find a way to make the metal rod where the propellers are rotate the axle of a small motor. The diameter of the rod is 1/4" and the diameter of the axle of the motor is about 2 to 3 millimeters. This is more or less the design of the turbine...
  23. Akmalidin

    Wind turbine AC generator's reluctance

    Hi, I am designing small power wind turbine with output power 3kW. I would like to ask about the rotational speed dependence on the load connected. I know when generator is open circuit it rotates freely. But what about when the load is connected? Does it slow down the rotation? Because, when...
  24. Akmalidin

    Designing 3kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Blade

    Hi, I am designing vertical axis wind turbine for generator with 3kW power. Prior to make big blade I have designed small 3D printable version to test. I want to concentrate the force of wind into one point by making specific blade .It would make the blade rotate even after wind passes. That...
  25. A

    Optimizing Efficiency: Wind Turbine Blade and Hub Design Tips?

    I'm building a model wind turbine. I'm using thttps://www.vernier.com/products/kidwind/wind-energy/kw-wth3/ as the hub/the base. That's the only kit I'm allowed to use. I'm supposed to decide on the blade size, etc. THE RULES: . Students will will sign up for a time slot and test their own...
  26. unseeingdog

    Multiple rotors on a wind turbine

    Could multiple, smaller rotors on a wind turbine (on the same shaft) be more effective than a single, larger rotor? Why do most wind turbines have only one big rotor? I was thinking about doing a science fair project on this topic, but I have been unable to find a conclusive answer to this...
  27. I

    Why is there only one set of blades per wind turbine?

    I'm a civil/structural engineer and I was just recently thinking about one of the biggest issues for maximizing the efficiency of a wind turbine - the structure itself. The mega turbines that engineers want already have foundations of titanic proportions because as we all know, flag pole...
  28. A

    Connecting mini wind turbine to charge phone

    Hello, I made a scale horizontal axis wind turbine that I would like to connect to my phone to charge it. I am trying to decide which motor to buy. Here is my plan and question: Plan: The wind turbine uses a 12 volt dc motor so that when the wind makes the motor shaft rotate there is a...
  29. A

    B Maximizing Wind Turbine Efficiency: Is Redirecting Wind Worth the Cost?

    I was wondering if placing something (cheap) in front of a wind turbine to redirect more wind towards it would be worth it or should I just place more (expensive) turbines?
  30. C

    Wind Turbine Blade Experiment: What is the Optimal Number for Maximum Voltage?

    Not really a homework question but this is probably the best place to post it. I'm interested in what people think about the following experiment and the wording of one of the follow up questions that came with it. It was set as part of UK GCSE Physics coursework for the 14-15 age group. 1...
  31. S

    How are wind turbine blades made to face the wind?

    By noting the direction of the wind, the taper of the blades and the direction of rotation, it is obvious the turbine blades are facing the wind. On the other hand if you blow on a pinwheel while holding it loosely, it turns so the blades are away from the direction of the wind. Does anyone...
  32. N

    Factors affecting wind turbine cut in speed

    Hello, could someone explain some of the factors, or the calculation, for determining wind turbine cut in speed? I am talking about small wind turbines using with a single bearing on the rotating axis and a permanent magnet generator. A lot of literature targets a cut in speed of 3 m/s without...
  33. N

    Effect of a lightning strike on stainless steel bolt

    Hello, I was recently onsite in the Philippines and the equipment owner stated their wind turbine had been hit by lightning. The only obvious damage was to the bolted connections at the root of one blade. One was sheared, the other bent. Does anyone have any experience of lighting causing...
  34. S

    Torque in Wind Turbines: Calculating Power Output

    【 mod note: moved to H/W forum so homework template is absent 】 Dear all i am trying to calculate torque in HAWT from the measurements using Rope brake dynamometer set up with a blower. i had wound a string over the turbine shaft. The string is connected to a spring balance on its one end and...
  35. B

    Making a wind turbine, how to stop it overcharging battery?

    Hi, I plan to make a simple 12v-battery trickle charger wind turbine that I will put on the roof of my garage and connect to my jetski to keep it topped off during winter when my solar panel is performing poorly. I have a 24v Motor I will use and will use a bicylce wheel for the "blades". I was...
  36. Jimmerding

    Detanglers for copper wire/power lines - Do they exist?

    Morning all, I am currently designing a VAWT and am working on a contra-rotating turbine, but I am extremely new to electrical engineering as a whole, I just really like the idea of designing something like this as a fun project and possibly being able to benefit from lower power bills as a...
  37. Y

    Wind Turbine and Power Generation

    Working on a wind turbine for a class project and making an attempt to add a brake. The idea is that the turbine will generate power at a certain wind speed and if the wind speed is increased, we would slow the turbine with a mechanical brake. We're using a 10V low-torque motor and have created...
  38. M

    Wind turbine to charge 12V batteries

    I have a mws freedom pmg 12 volt 1600 watt PMG with falcon mach 3 blades. Live in city so turbine is only 12ft off ground. Don't get good wind. Can I use a 24 volt pmg to charge my 12 volt battery bank? Have charge controller that can handle high voltage and will dump at 14.5 volts. Also have...
  39. ATY

    Chord length and radius of a wind turbine rotor blade

    Hello, I have a question about the chord length of rotor blades from wind turbines. I do not really understand what the difference is to the radius of a wind turbine. I can not find a real explanation, but it seems to be very important. I know that the formula of the chord length depends on...
  40. A

    How Can I Improve My Homemade Wind Turbine's Charging System?

    Hello! I recently built my own wind turbine. The motor is from an old treadmill, the blades are 5 pvc blades i made from scratch. So I built the whole thing, but the circuitry doesn't work so its just basically looking cool and doing nothing. My roommates are giving me crap about it, but they...
  41. Recycler

    Wind turbine with increased efficiency

    Wind turbines apparently now produce electricity only at some minimum wind speed.In my conception,the wind pressure of a lower wind speed is used to exert a force on a diaphragm or vane which stores torque in a spring or other mechanism,This torque could be used to help overcome the initial...
  42. F

    How do I determine the exact shape of an airfoil blade for my wind turbine?

    I'm currently doing a project in my tech class where a partner and I have to create a wind turbine. We've decided that we are creating a vertical axis wind turbine, that we are creating the base out of PVC, and using three airfoil shaped blades that will be created via cnc milling. I have a few...
  43. M

    Wind Turbine Effectiveness Project

    Hello, I am creating a wind turbine project that will be very simple to do, hopefully. I already have an old turbine that came from a camera in a airplane some years ago. I need to produce electricity with my turbine, obviously, and before I create my design, I want to ensure the effectiveness...
  44. B

    Design a wind turbine experiment at the High School level

    Homework Statement [/B] Plan an investigation to evaluate wind power as an energy source with equipment: • model wind turbine • multimeter to measure the voltage generated • anemometer to measure wind speed • hair dryer to generate wind power, set on cold • metre rule to measure...
  45. G

    Wind Turbine, wind direction, air direction, drag direction?

    In the aeroplanes, the drag is in the opposite way of the direction of the aeroplane. My questions for wind turbine: 1) Why "wind speed" and "the drag on the blade" is in the same direction? Shouldn't be the opposite? 2) Are freestream velocity and the wind speed same thing? 3) Are the drag...
  46. R

    Heating water with a wind turbine

    Hello, I know there is a similar topic but it has been closed. It is about a wind turbine that generates wild AC from 0 to 240V(open voltage) for a maximum of 1500W. Instead of using a charge controller, a battery bank and an inverter I would like to connect a water heating element directly to...
  47. ElegantSir

    Law of Conservation of Energy of a wind turbine

    Homework Statement "identify the type of energy conversions present in each of the following situations. Some questions may use multiple types of energy." 1) a wind turbine producing electricity 2) two children sliding down a hill on a toboggan 3) a toaster oven browning a bagel Homework...
  48. TrisL

    How Is Wind Power Calculated from Wind Speed and Turbine Size?

    Homework Statement At a certain location, wind is blowing steadily at 10m/s . Determine the mechanical energy of air per unit mass and the power generation potential of a wind turbine with 60m diameter blades at the location. Density of air is 1.25kgm-3. ( ans : 0.05kJ/kg, 1770kW ) Homework...