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Some serious connections from PC to several TV-s

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    Does anyone have an idea what device to use to connect a PC with about 25 TV-s? The problem is that the whole building connection is based on a analog (COX) cable and i need a device that transfers a Digital signal from a PC to a several analog signals that goes thro the cable into the TV-s antenna, so i can't use the S-video nor HDMI.
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    What kind of digital signal does the PC output? If you can convert it to an NTSC analog video signal, there are devices that are designed to inject such a signal into a cable TV system on a specified channel. For the injection step, you might be able to use an old VCR, if it's OK to put the signal on channel 3 or 4.

    (I'm assuming you're in the USA. I don't know what cable TV standards are like elsewhere.)
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    Nop im in Europe, well i got my connection problem cleared. I bought a modulator that converts the signal from PC to TV but i can't get the picture from my desktop to the TC coz the WinXP dosn't recognice the device. So i need a software that sends a signal thro 7pin S-video from my graphic adapter to the modulator, any ideas ?
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    Most video cards with a svideo connector will let you setup dual monitor or treat the svideo connnector as the primary video output. I know of a few ATI video cards that support this, you just need to download and install the driver and the catalyst control center for the card.
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    Ok I'l try that one
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