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B Some website about new Bohr model

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    This website <link removed> by some Japanese guy talks about a new Bohr model that can accurately calculate energy of Helium and other noble gases, as well as bonds, in non-relativistic level. (I happened to come across this website when I was searching about spinor.) He also reviews why old Bohr's model failed when he proposed it.

    This guy openly denies quantum mechanics (and relativity), and explains that by reconsidering Bohr's model into a new, classically intuitive orbital, he has successfully derived an atomic model that can accurately calculate the energies and etc, without having to have to worry too much about many-body problem.

    I am not a theoretical physicist nor someone who has taken formal education in physics so I cannot seem to understand the validity of his theory (I am a chemist). I am unsure whether this is a good place or not to start for this guy to work on this fundamental theory. I am just wondering, without bias, from the physicist's point of view on his theory. Do you think with some work, this model can be refined to create a new theory of atoms and etc, or do you think there are too many fundamental problems that it won't be any good no matter how this guy attempt refining it.

    Don't get me wrong. I am not trying to deny quantum mechanics or QFT or SR & GR, or anything. I lack physical background to be able to do that.

    P.S. Dear moderators, if you find this thread inappropriate, please delete or move this to more appropriate place. I did make sure that this topic was never discussed.
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    Great news, will look forward to reading his first paper on it in a peer reviewed and reputable physics journal.

    Sounds like a Nobel prize for sure.
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    I hope it's a sarcasm. :biggrin:
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    Discussion of pseudoscience is not allowed at PF, even to debunk it.

    Thread closed.
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