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Medical Someone explain why my heartbeat is SO. SLOW.

  1. May 25, 2010 #1
    My heartbeat is usually between 40-50. Anything in the 60's is high. When I exercise it can get to 90, but I have asthma, so i can't really exercise easily above that.

    I'm not athletic. (Why the hell would I be on this kind of forum if I was?)
    I'm not the most fit. (Slender, but I can't run the mile in five minutes)
    My mom's heartbeat is slow, too. Is that why?

    Just curious for input.
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    How fast is your spaceship moving relative to Earth?

    Seriously, you should ask your doctor.
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    Sounds a bit low, if you are concerned, check with your doctor.

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    Really ? I mean, really ?
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    I'm not a medical doctor, so I can't answer your question. I've know many great runners born with naturally low heartbeats.

    Wow, you're not athletic, have asthma and can't exercise at over 90 bpm, but you can run a 5 minute mile.

    For the record, there are many athletic people here. Many believe in soundness of both mind and body: at least to the extent possible with age and ailments.
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    It goes as low as 32-35 in some elite level endurance athletes.
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    Actually, he said he can't run a five minute mile.
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    Oops, I guess that makes more sense. For a minute I thought he was a born runner, cursed with asthma which was holding him back from olympic medals.
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    You can check your general physical health with your doctor. Definitely see a doctor when there are signs that your heart rate is not sufficient, such as when you experiencing fatigue or dizziness.
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    Wow. I've been sitting at the computer for a couple hours and just checked mine. It's 84. Maybe my heart will explode soon.
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    Run, Zooby ! Run !
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    A heart rate in rest of 60-100/min is absolutely normal.
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    :rofl: that just kills me... no offense to the OP.
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    Given that low HR, and asthma you should consult your physician. There are many causes for this, often benign, but there is no way to diagnose that over the internet. See a doctor, please.
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    :frown: I thought that my dizziness and fatigue was due to lack of fitness (damn mile), asthma (damn oxygen), and all that.

    Is there something actually potentially wrong?

    *goes through the whole story*

    I had to wear a heart monitor when i was 13, because I had severe, seemingly random heart pain. I couldn't breathe, and my heart was beating all funny, so I wore a heart monitor. I pressed a button when I felt pain, and it took an EKG. I don't remember what ended up being wrong with me- some valve backflow problems. It wasn't really life-threatening.

    My heart still beats weird after physical activity. It skips a beat, then beats three. It's strange.

    *sighs* Stupid, stupid, stupid cardiac muscle.


    zooby, I approve of your message. Everything you say is truth. *nods*
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    Well there's your answer.

    Your heartbeat is really a normal 80-100, it's just skipping every second beat.

  19. May 27, 2010 #18
    :tongue: That's just after physical activity. It's normal otherwise.

    Trust me. Everytime I go to the doctor to explain to them MY HEART DOES NOT BEAT NORMALLY, they listen and tell me I'm fine. :grumpy:
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    Have you taken a cardiac stress test?
  21. May 27, 2010 #20
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  22. May 27, 2010 #21
    Nope. They found nothing wrong with my heart at rest, so they found no need to test it stressed. Even though I suggested it. -_-
  23. May 27, 2010 #22


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    Now I know the problem. You've got a girly heart.
  24. May 27, 2010 #23
    :rofl: Genius. Just genius.

    Where would I be without you, Dave? :tongue:
  25. May 28, 2010 #24
    Are you using anti-allergic medicines like anti-histamines? They can lower the heart rate. I had a bad experience with such medicines a long time ago. My heart rate dropped to 36 bpm at times. This was at a time when I was less fit than I'm now, my resting heart rate would be close to 50 bpm then.

    Especially after light exercise, my hart rate woud drop way to fast and I would be very dizzy almost to the point of fainting. I stopped using these medicines after a few days, but it took me more than a week to fully recover.
  26. May 28, 2010 #25
    I recommend going to another doctor. I don't mean to cast dispersions on medical doctors in general. Most are quite good and I owe my life to more than one of them. Still, some doctors don't follow the best practices. As an example, it took 3 months for me to be diagnosed with a kidney disease even though I went to the doctor 2 times a week with complaints. They assumed I was just a complainer and did some tests reluctantly (including the cardiac stress test that has been denied you). Eventually, I got a paniced call from the doctor to come in. They finally got around to testing my urine which showed 20 grams of protein excreted per day when the normal amount is 200 mg. This was a clear sign of kidney trouble. When I got to the kidney doctor he took my blood pressure and it was 185/120. He was in disbelief that it took the other doctor 3 months to figure this out. It then occured to me that the previous doctor never even took my blood pressure. - Not once in about 20 visits. Don't mess around with incompetence. It can kill you.
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