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Soo i have to design a model car

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    for a school project i have to design and make a prototype car that is able to keep a large egg safe from cracking after hitting a wall and 35 mph. it has to be relatively compact in that the whole car cannot be longer then 10" and about 6" wide. then after hitting the wall will also be tested by falling of a 3' high table and still not cracking the egg. Hitting the wall will be a head on crash but falling will be pushed forward off the desk with a small force.

    I have a pretty limited budget and can't use many store bought items (it has to be handmade and not machined as the teacher is checking).

    I have looked around the web and found some interesting designs and was hoping someone could bring any ideas. thanks
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    the objective then is to safeguard the egg. 10" X 6" is pretty much wide space to get some damping stuff for the egg.

    How do you plan to get it to 35 mph??
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    Those are some pretty easy specifications to meet. I'm thinking 6" ball of bubble wrap with wheels.
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