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Sophomore italian boy search for help for his career

  1. Dec 31, 2011 #1
    Hi everyone! I'm Filippo, I'm 15 years old and I'm from Milan (Italy).
    I'm sophomore (10th grade) in a scientific high school (italian scholastic system is different from the US one) and my dream is to attend MIT after graduate.
    Now I'm spending my soph and jun years in Italy but the senior one in the US as an exchange student so I'll graduate there and after I'll come back for the 13th grade in Italy (yeah we got it!). Finally I'll try to get into MIT.

    Now..I love physics, math, chemistry, biology, astronomy, earth,.....and I really want to improve my skills about them.
    I'm doing algebra as equations systems, euclidean geometry, analytic geometry, but I want to do more on my own...can u help me?

    Thank you so much. I wish you a great 2012 ;-)
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    I don't want to talk about getting into MIT but about how I can learn on my own math and physic! ;-) can u help me? Because I don't know which arguments I need and where to find them...
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    There's a thread on this very page with the words "mathematics" and "worries" somewhere in it (can't quite remember...sorry!) and it looks it's exactly what you're looking for. Have fun. :)
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    I searched and I found that list: https://www.physicsforums.com/search.php?searchid=3039984 [Broken] ...which one was the post tha was you meaning (Mépris)?
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    No one can help me? Please..
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    There are quite a nmber of ways to improve your knowledge of physics and math on your own. I think one of the best websites out there for self-taught physics/math is KhanAcademy (http://www.khanacademy.org/)

    It has a lot of self-study videos and lessons as well as "homework" exercises. You can start with the basics and work yourself up.

    As for studying in the USA, you can do that with an "I-20" under a foreign student visa (otherwise known as an "F-1" visa). With an undergraduate degree the process is usually to apply to a school first, and when you get an acceptance letter you should produce an "I-20" form from that school's "International Student's Office" (they are well versed in those things, you can also speak to them directly).

    Once that happens, you need to fill out some forms and go to the US Embassy in your country to request an F-1 visa. That process doesn't take too long.

    Graduate schools are a slightly different process (though the visa process is the same) since you also sometimes get grants and sponsorships through a PhD program. For this, you'll need to search for the right program for you -- but you still have time!

    Work hard, study well, and good luck!
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    you might go to or contact the math dept at the university of milano, for someone to give you advice, e.g. professor Giuseppe Canuto. There is also a math professor at Torino, Alberto Collino, who took a PhD degree at MIT.
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