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Homework Help: Sound wave question (dealing with a speaker)

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    Hello all, I have another sound question:
    "If louder sounds have bigger compression waves, what does a speaker have to do in order to create louder sound?"

    Ok, so a speaker creates a sound wave by generating regions of high and low pressure. It is these regions of high pressure and low pressure that travel. Sound waves lose energy as they travel further from the speaker as the areas of high pressure lose pressure and the low pressure areas gain pressure. So in order for loud sound to be generated the difference between the area of low and high pressure must be increased, thus an increase in the amplitude of the sound wave.

    Is this correct, and if so, would this be sufficent to answer the above question.
    Thanks a bunch.
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    It's a good start on the answer. What does the speaker cone have to do to make a bigger delta-pressure at a given frequency? Also, what can you say about the diameter of the speaker cone, and the effect on the transmitted loudness of the sound at a distance....?
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