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The speaker of a deliberative assembly, especially a legislative body, is its presiding officer, or the chair. The title was first used in 1377 in England.

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  1. S

    Bluetooth speaker connects to Raspberry Pi 4 but plays no sound

    I am able to pair my Bluetooth speaker to my Raspberry Pi 4. I am able to select it as the current audio output by right clicking on the "speaker" icon, top left of desktop. Under "device profiles" the speaker's profile is shown as "High Fidelity Audio (A2DP Sink)". But when I play any media...
  2. P

    Can I replace a 4 ohm speaker with a 4 ohm power resistor?

    Also would a passive filter add much resistance to the circuit and rob the speaker of power? Here is the 2 way lowpass filter I was thinking of. I don't need 2 of these obviously but they seem to come as a pair. https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07R613YSK/
  3. S

    Position of speaker in front of tube to produce stationary wave

    That is part of the article. I want to ask about step 4. I know the basic theory of how stationary wave is formed (superposition of incoming and reflected wave) and also basic concept about stationary wave in open and closed tube, something like this: But I don't know the reason why in step 4...
  4. BiGyElLoWhAt

    Building a Low Power DiY marine bluetooth speaker set

    My dad has been asking about some speakers for his boat, something that will move a bit of air, not too big though. I'm thinking 1x12. He also wants it bluetooth and powered externally, so it doesn't drain the boat battery. So I'm thinking 1x12 speaker in a small box that can fit inside the...
  5. C

    Max velocity of a vibrating loud speaker membrane given sound intensity

    My attempt: p and T allows us to calculate ##Z=402 \frac{kg}{sm^2}## using ## Z=p*\sqrt(\frac{\gamma*M}{R*T})## . The sound intensity level at 10 meters allows us to calculate the intensity at 10 meters to be I=10``````^{-7} W/m^2 using ##50 = 10*log(I/I_0)##. Then, using the formula...
  6. M

    Suggest a geometry for headphone's speaker system

    Summary:: Suggest a geometry Hello! I have difficulties with this question. It is translated from Swedish so if something's weird tell me. The speakers in headphones often work with the help of magnetism, when a varying voltage is applied across a coil attached to the speaker membrane. The...
  7. Kharrid

    Two Speaker Destructive Interference

    I already have the solution in front of me, I am wondering why there is a difference in the formula for path difference. I've attached the problem as well to show the Figure. What I am struggling to grasp is why the path difference for the angles closer to A is dsin(Θ) = (m+1/4)λ while the path...
  8. anorlunda

    Modern Speaker Technology

    Somebody please update me or provide a study link for modern sound technology. I ask because I am looking at the tiny 1-2 mm hole in my phone where the sound comes out. Ditto for Bluetooth speakers that produce great sound quality and sound volume from a small box. In the hi-fi era, speakers...
  9. PainterGuy

    Pressure felt by a piston, Mach number of speaker making the sound

    Hi, Once someone wrote the following to me in response to my query. My query was somewhat unrelated to it and I don't even have the copy of query anymore. The pressure felt by the piston at any time is the average component of momentum of a gas molecule that is normal to the piston times the...
  10. Z

    Engineering Amplifier circuit driving an 8 Ohm speaker

    Homework Statement Hi all. I need a bit help with the following. Estimate the power developed in the 8 Ω speaker of the circuit of FIGURE 2 for a 1 kHz sinusoidal input signal of 100 mV peak. All capacitors may be assumed to act as a short circuit at the frequency of operation. Compare your...
  11. S

    Why 4 pins for the speaker connection on motherboards?

    For as long as I can remember, the typical speaker connection on computer motherboards has 4 pins and the typical speaker has a 4 slot female connector with only two wires leading to the speaker. Is a there a technical or historical reason for the 4 pin connector?
  12. J

    Audio/Video Can I use my CRO to view sound waves from an audio generator?

    <Moderator note: Moved from General Physics.> Hi there I have an audio generator (pic attached) with an internal speaker which is very low volume. I have a microphone and CRO and I would like to view the sound waves. The output on the audio generator says 600 ohms. Are these output terminals...
  13. D

    How does sound intensity affect the current produced by a mic?

    I measure sound (dB) from a speaker at 0cm and 100cm using a diaphragm microphone. 0cm-100dB, 100cm-30dB diaphragm microphone cinsists of a diaphram, coil and a permanent magnet. the coil is attached to the diaphragm, when a sound wave hits the diaphragm it causes to move back and forth which...
  14. R

    Applied Acoustics - decouple a speaker and a wooden table

    If several sheets made of some kind of rubber are being used as acoustic insulators, which configuration would be more efficient to decouple a speaker and a wooden table, absorbing most vibrations? (Ps: Image not drawn to scale)
  15. P

    Suspending a Speaker: What is T in each cable

    1. The problem statement, all variables, and given/known data Homework Equations Assuming standard coordinates, Net forces in the x plane are 0, by The Attempt at a Solution I have worked out that \arcsin { \left( \frac { 1.4 }{ 3.1 } \right) } =\quad 26.8{ 5 }°\\ loud\quad...
  16. C

    How can I connect a speaker to my amp without a physical wires

    I am trying to connect a second pair of speakers to my amp without the use of wires. It is really only one speaker position where running wires is impractical.
  17. L

    Can I use a relay to wire DC lights to a speaker?

    I want to wire some LED strips to the bass speakers in my car so that they will light up to the music. I reason that you can't wire the lights in parallel with the speaker because the lights can blow with too much volume. I also read that it will trash the sound quality. ? Anyway, my plan is to...
  18. jedishrfu

    Hans Rosling has Died: A Great TED Talk speaker

    http://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2017/02/08/514074090/video-edutainer-hans-rosling-who-taught-us-about-the-world-has-died My favorite Hans talk: He'll be missed.
  19. Planobilly

    I need some insight from a speaker expert

    Lately I have had the opportunity to experiment with a number of new and vintage guitar amp speakers. I was generally aware that different speakers sounded different. What I was not prepared for was the truly huge and amazing difference the various speakers made in not only sound but how they...
  20. J

    Simple Harmonic Motion - Getting Acceleration from Velocity

    Homework Statement I am doing an experiment where I am measuring the force a speaker is exerting when it is driven by a certain voltage and frequency, so my voltage and frequency values are known. I am assuming the speaker is undergoing SHM and I am measuring its peak to peak velocity...
  21. E

    Mimicking a 14.4VDC Speaker Charger

    Good day Everyone, I am going camping and I am rigging up a couple small solar power setups, I have a 12V 26AH Battery with a solar panel and appropriate solar charge controller. I will use this to charge a few 5V devices(Mostly cell phones for taking pictures and videos). Anyway that setup is...
  22. William123

    Wire gauge on a simple speaker

    Hey I've built a speaker and the cone is about 20cm in diameter. I need help choosing the wire gauge for the voice coil though. When I look at this chart http://www.powerstream.com/Wire_Size.htm I can't really see anything that will work. My stereo puts out 50W and if I want the resistance to be...
  23. B

    Microphone (Analog) to Ethernet (Digital) to Speaker (Analog) system

    Hi, I would really like to make a system who takes a Microfone(Analog signal) convert it to a Ethernet(Digital signal) and in the end convert it back to Speaker(Analog signal). How would be the best way to do this? I have thought about using a raspberry pi or a micro controller. But do anyone...
  24. I

    Just spent $20 on an inductor to be used with a $12 speaker?

    I recently replaced the rear "sub-woofer" speakers as the originals had rotted away in my vehicle. And? And it sounded terrible. Now I was getting the whole spectrum -or at least close to & the break up on the top end was nasty.What I didn't realize is that Subaru had glued an inductor on the...
  25. Y

    TV or stereo with RCA to wireless speaker

    Hi All I am looking for the cheapest way to connect the Direct TV box with RCA connector audio output to a wireless speaker in another room. It can be the lowest sound quality as I am only listening to the news, no music. My work room do not have Direct tv, I just want to pipe the sound from...
  26. Spinnor

    Interesting slow motion of paint on vibrating speaker.

    Skip to the good stuff at 1:41 and 1:52 and anywhere you see paint, can't embed link at the right time. Note the entire speaker flexing at 1:42 (slow both links down further if you can).
  27. S

    Is it possible to have a input & output screen or speaker?

    K so you have your computer screen, and speakers, but can they record too (input)!? My speaker vibrates by electricity to make sound, so why can't my voice make (these speakers) vibrate and send electrical signals back? A wire shoots out photons in x amount of brightness through a color-filter...
  28. Astronuc

    News Ex-US Speaker Hastert indicted

    Ex-US Speaker Hastert indicted on bank-related charges http://news.yahoo.com/ex-us-speaker-hastert-indicted-bank-related-charges-214129927--politics.html Apparently Hastert had agreed to pay over $3 million to someone who was he subject of his misconduct. Hastert apparently withdrew of $1...
  29. W

    Sound Interference on a speaker

    I had a physics course a few years back that touched on constructive and destructive waves and only today did i notice this phenomenon with my speakers. I was curious about the theory behind this particular scenario in my room. I have one of those mobile speakers, a bose soundlink II. It has 4...
  30. Y

    Speaker protection using LM311

    Hi all. I am using LM311 comparator to design a speaker protection circuit. I read quite a few data sheet of LM311. Seems like it's such an old IC that they assume people know the IC already. I happen to be a first time user and I am not sure I design it right. Mainly strobe pin #6. From...
  31. S

    Calculating moving speaker through two detectors

    Homework Statement A speaker emitting sound at a frequency of 20 Hz is moving in the +x direction between two detectors. The speaker is moving at a speed of 30 m/s and the detectors are wired so that they flash red (λ = 700 nm) when the pressure is a maximum and green (λ = 700 nm) when the...
  32. C

    Determining a specific frequency to make the ball bounce

    So, here's the set-up: A small stereo speaker is connected to a function generator. A concave lens, bearing a ball is place over the speaker. Now, the frequency is slowly increased in the function generator. My question is, Will the ball really bounce at a certain frequency? Because I am not...
  33. F

    Calculating Total Power Output of a Speaker at a Given Distance

    Homework Statement A speaker emits sound waves in all directions, and at a distance of 28 m from it the intensity level is 73 db. What is the total power put out by the speaker, in watts? ( reference intensity I_{0} is 1.0 × 10-12 W/m2.) Homework Equations P= I*A I = I_{0}*10^{B/10} SA =...
  34. T

    Battery and a speaker in close proximity?

    Greetings, in a small project I'm doing, I need to have a small speaker literally touching the outside of a lithium-Ion battery. Will there be any negative results to these devices being in such close proximity? e.g. noise introduced into the speaker, or odd behavior induced upon the battery? If...
  35. C

    Need Help Designing Speaker Enclosure/Engineering

    Hello all, first post here to physics forums and I have a lot to learn. I will be attending a northern Ontario university for Mechanical Engineering in fall so hopefully this relationship proves fruitful. Here is my problem, I bought a new stereo for my jeep.. and I am having trouble designing...
  36. BeautifulLight

    Dual voice coil speaker: Each coil get an inductor?

    1st order crossover desired low-pass frequency: 100hz At 8 ohms, that'd be about 12mH. But what happens with a DVC speaker? Each coil get a 12mH inductor? I'd like to think so... Speaker is 8+8 ohms and will be parallelled to a set of 8 ohm extended range speakers showing my amplifier 4 ohms...
  37. BeautifulLight

    Homemade speaker Q's: calculate at what freq for impedance?

    Audible hearing range for humans: Roughly 20-20khz That's almost 20,000 values to choose from:eek: Other/additional info: I don't understand your question BeautifulLight. If your circuit is operating at 2khz, then calculate for 2khz. Simple. Well, this is for a speaker. Human speech can make a...
  38. nsaspook

    News Who was the infamous and controversial Congressman James Traficant?

    http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2014/09/27/352038901/ohios-james-traficant-dies-days-after-accident-on-farm yes, the guy was a crook but he was a funny crook.
  39. gaba

    EMF generator from audio speaker

    Hello everybody, I am trying to figure out how to build an electro magnetic generator. I was wondering if an audio transducer such a speaker could act as a EMF generator, when the paper woofer is removed and the device connected to a function generator and an amplifier, in order to play the...
  40. gaba

    EMF generator from audio speaker

    Hello everybody, I am trying to figure out how to build an electro magnetic generator in order to stimulate my home and my brain with beneficial frequencies such as the Schumann resonance and doing perceptive experiments on all the surrounding frequencies. I was wondering if an audio transducer...
  41. R

    What is the Y-component of T1 and T2?

    Homework Statement A speakerh angs from the ceiling by a pair of wires, as showin the diagram below. the tension in wire 1 is 35N. What is the mass of the speaker? Given from the problem and picture. Wire1=25 degrees Wire2=55 degrees Tension in wire1= 35N Tension in wire2=18.02N...
  42. A

    What shapes inside a wireless wooden speaker can amplify sound?

    So, I need to make a wireless wooden speaker (no Bluetooth or anything, you just put the phone in and it makes it somewhat louder) for my phone (white iPhone 4 without a case if you wanted to get an idea of the dimensions and aesthetics). My design sketch as of now is a cube measuring roughly...
  43. B

    Why do speakers emit buzzing noises when receiving a text?

    Hello, I have a question or two that I suppose will include the nature of light and how that links to electromagnetism. Sitting at my desk doing some work, listening to music over my speakers, I get a text. But I know I'm about to receive the text before my phone vibrates, because my...
  44. N

    Find the deadspot from distance from the speaker

    Homework Statement You're midway between two loudspeakers producing sound with the same 83.5cm wavelength, and you experience constructive interference. How far must you move toward one speaker in order to find a dead spot? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I have no clue what to...
  45. J

    Increase volume of speaker on dartboard

    Hello, I will try to be frank, as I am not sure if I can get the help I need in this forum. I am not an EE but dabble here and there (you'd probably call it hacking at a very crude level). Overview I have a new electronic dartboard which has a small speaker on it. The speaker announces...
  46. Z

    How are square sound waves possible? How does a speaker sustain peak?

    Hello everyone :smile:, after spending many hours watching youtube videos, reading wikipedia articles and other related material, I came to the conclusion that my best hope at understanding this is to have an explanation personally explained to me, and I trust this is the right place to ask for...
  47. StevieTNZ

    Election of Evo as Assistant Speaker

    I inform Honourable members of the election of Evo to Assistant Speaker.
  48. I

    Native speaker please => English pronunciation

    I heard from a native speaker that words like *analysts, texts, sex etc* should be pronounced as */analysts/, /texkts/, sexks* That is impossible (those in bold) for me but Do native speakers when speaking never miss those single letters in bold ? Thank you.
  49. N

    How Do Electrostatic Speakers Use Voltage to Create Pressure?

    Homework Statement An electrostatic speaker is constructed using two conductive plates (stators) and an electrostatically charged diaphragm in the middle which vibrates. One of the conductors is grounded, and the other has an amplified voltage applied to it to drive the force. A uniform...
  50. U

    How to place my speaker for louder sounds?

    Referring to following image, I would like to know which setting for speakers I would receive louder sounds. Those speakers are separated by 0, 90, 120, 180 degrees. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any suggestions