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Homework Help: Sound waves move from air to water

  1. Oct 26, 2007 #1
    I want you to help me in resolving these questions
    First question
    When Down stone in the basin of water eroded the bandwidth with dimension
    The Center fell in stone. What explanation
    The second question
    Sound waves move from air to water. Discussed the impact on
    The frequency and speed and Wavelength
    Question 3
    In winter, we hear voices strong voices low because of strong winds. What exactly is happening
    Help me in resolving these questions
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    Please elaborate. The English is not clear.

    Water is denser than air. The coupling is poor since the momentum transfer is limited by the difference in density. What is the impact of density (and bulk or elastic modulus) on frequency and speed of sound?

    What happens to the sound waves moving with and against wind? What is the effect of turbulence?
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