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Space-time travel in String Theory

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    Is it allowed to travel to the past in ST?. I've always thought about paradoxes in the regular framework (4D space-time).
    What about ST framework?.
    I need a little guidance here.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Simon Bridge

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    not that I'm aware of no. Time travels in one direction, but the speed at which it travels is relative.
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    No, the AMOUNT by which it travels it relative. The speed by which it travels is always one second per second but different paths through spacetime can start and end at the same point but have different amounts of time. Google "twin paradox" for more details.
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    String theory also works in space-time with one time dimension and several space dimensions. The fact that string theory has more than 3 space dimensions does not make any real difference concerning the paradoxes of time travel to the past.
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