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Homework Help: Spaceships utilize hydrogen as fuel.

  1. Feb 26, 2006 #1
    I have several questions about hydrogen that I need help to answer them.

    gasoline; raw oil; mineral coal; wooden coal; dry biomass
    Which of the following materials could be use to produce hydrogen?
    I think they are the oil and the coals. Maybe biomass.

    Spaceships utilize hydrogen as fuel. It is stored in liquid state at low temperature and high pressure. This storage method is not adequate for domestical uses nor for utilization in transports. How could we store hydrogen to apply as a fuel in our homes and cars?

    And what are the problems to surpass in order to make hydrogen the fount of energy of the future?

    Thank you :biggrin: .
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    Any material containing hydrogen could be used to produce hydrogen. What on your list contains hydrogen?

    Spacecraft use hydrogen which is stored as a liquid, which requires a cyrogenic storage (i.e. very cold), which does not necessarily mean high pressure. Cryogenic storage would not seem practical for household applications because of the cost of such storage and the fact that a refrigeration may be required to maintain the necessary temperatures if the hydrogen is not used for some period of time.

    We already have methane or natural gas powered vehicles. Can one think of other hydrogen-bearing compounds which would provide practical storage and transportation options without the need for cryogenic temperatures?
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    Thank you very much, Astronuc.
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