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Spacetime desynchronized in quantum realm?

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    I just watched Morgan Freeman episode Through the Wormhole "How does the Universe Work".

    A physicist in the show theorized that spacetime is together at larger scale but at the microscopic scale, spacetime splits with space and time no longer synchronized.. this is why particles can be in two places at once.

    What do you think?

    We really need to know if a particle remains always as particle in quantum mechanics or not, so we can get closer to quantum gravity. Unless we can reach a quantum theory of gravity without understanding it like how we understand the quantum mechanics of fields or the strong force for example?
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    Eh, how does it 'split'?

    Was he assuming a arrow of time, or is that referring to some sort of local processes that taken together forms a 'arrow of time' to us? If SpaceTime is expanding as a whole, then it needs a arrow of time as a whole too, as it seems to me?

    Assuming that it is 'local processes', how would splitting that arrow be defined?
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