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Spanish/English Science Dictionary

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    Anyone know of a good site with spanish science vocabulary, or a decent dictionary ?
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    I found this page looking for the same thing. I wanted a spanish-english physics book. So far the only thing I found is a Medical book.
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    true story, i just came from another country and i don't speak fluent English, so i m lost in all my classes, i have to spend hours with a dictionary so i can translate the problems in the books.
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    My mother tongue is French and I moved in Argentina about 2 years ago... I had no major difficulties in learning and understanding the stuff in Spanish. I don't translate anything, but rather I love to learn in French, Spanish and English (since a few), thanks to wikipedia. So when you don't know how is called a theorem, or a concept, just check it out on wikipedia.

    But if you have difficulties with the language in everyday life, I strongly suggest you to take English courses adjusted to your current level. There's nothing better than that : ask all the questions/doubts you have... You'll progress spectaculary.
    Anyway, a decent Spanish dictionary would be the dictionary of the Real Academia EspaƱola. I don't own it myself (too expensive), but I believe with no doubt that it's the best one in Spanish.
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