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Spanish Jamon much better than Italian Prosciutto

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    Sorry Italians, but the Spaniards have perfected it. You haven't lived until you have tried some of this:

    http://www.barcelonawinebar.com/images/spain/Jamon-in-the-Barcelona-Mark.jpg [Broken]

    http://www.jamoniberico.com.es/plato-jamon.jpg [Broken]

    I wish I was back in barcelona and madrid....
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    I wish I were back in Salamanca. Great Tappas, interesting places to hang out - like Cervantes - and Pacharáns or Patxarana! :tongue2:

    http://www.productsfromspain.net/pacharan/pacharan [Broken]

    Jamon is great, but then I like prosciutto, too!
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