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Things that make different american people

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    Each time I can I will try to post here one thing I think makes different americans from the rest of the humanity, in particular from Europe.

    Let's start by putting down some of them:

    i) americans make everything big. Big hamburgers, Big buildings, Big parks, Big roads, Big cars, Big engines, Big trucks, Big steaks, Big a$$es of the ladies, Big aircrafts, Big cities, Big universities.

    ii) As far as my experience is concerned, they seem to be more polite than europeans or spanish (from Spain) people. You always hear an excuse me for some small offense which would be otherwise ignored in Spain by every people. As far as I have stayed here I have never heard a swear word. On the contrary it is usual to say "Me cago en..." in Spain. Also, here you ask for some street and the gay will tell you a story for 5 minutes or so, while in spain you will be fortunate if you find someone to help you in the street.

    iii) They are happy with small and stupid things. And that's the best fact that can happen to a person, be happy with small things like watching a baseball game (so boring!!) while eating a hot dog or going with all the family to an airshow, or merely going to the market. They enjoy small things when they are together with their families. On the contrary, in Spain everyone isn't happy with nothing. We are not as "familiar" as you are, and we don't enjoy the small things as you. For instance, your baseball games are horrible, and for me has not got any interest at all. The set up of the spectacle is very much poor than the set up of a Real Madrid-Barcelona soccer match in Spain. Our soccer matches are more spectacular for sure, but the truth is that we don't give the real value to the things we own in Spain, because the main problem of spain are the spaniards themselves.

    To be continued....
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    Nice to hear that you are having good experiences! It is also very nice to hear someone saying something nice about Americans for a change.

    And I do not have a big a$$. :grumpy:
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    Heck yah, thats what you Europeans got right.... not liking baseball. I can't understand it at all.
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    Yay! Something I can agree with Pengwuino about! :biggrin:

    Clausius, I'm glad you're having good experiences in the U.S.!
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    Happy you are still having a good stay.
    And by the way you might want to stay away from New York.:wink:

    We're very sorry about your posterior deficiency Evo.:frown:
    You're still gorgeous none the less.:biggrin:
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    This is so misguided I barely even know where to start. "Small" and "stupid" are obviously dependent on cultural perspective.
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    I've seen little children go on and on and on about how happy they are they found a rock on the ground, true story..........
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    That's all you got?

    I can come up with a bigger (and more accurate) list than that just off the top of my head. And I was only there for 3 years when I was in middle school.
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    Childrens opinions are worthless :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    Don't forget the big boobs! I think breast implants were an American invention.
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    Can't you imagine your stereotypical boorish and obnoxious middle-aged American tourist and his wife coming back from their European vacation, and him telling all his buddies: "Let me tell you, them Europeans really like to do small and stupid things"?
  13. Oct 20, 2005 #12
    Yeah - only an American child would do that.
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    lol go to google.com and type in "french military victories" and click "I'm Feeling Lucky."
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    Nor do I - well, most of the time. Darn chocolate...
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    Breast implants we're first done by the Japanese in 1940's by injecting saline solution or goat’s milk into women's breasts and American's improve them in the 1950's using silicone.

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    Dude, he's been here for like three weeks. Give the guy a chance.

    To juvenal, he's just saying that Americans enjoy the little things in life, which certainly is a big part of American culture. Witness the writing of Walt Whitman and the transcendentalists, or the catch phrase "stop to smell the roses." Clausius may have worded it a little awkwardly, but I don't think he was insulting anybody. His grasp of English is still not perfect - cut the guy some slack. (Besides, even he admits that Spaniards are rude.)
  18. Oct 21, 2005 #17
    I just had another bowl of my homegrown popcorn, and I'm still grinning about it actually popping.

    So, I like little things. But I think the Spanish tend to be more (extended) family-oriented and every bit as warm as americans, at least the few I met. Very nice people, absolutely lovely.

    I phoned a friend in Girona, today, Clausius. Is that anywhere near your home?
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    I love the little things in life. It's ridiculous how little will make me happy - oh, and baseball definitely makes me happy. Clausius, you should go watch The Natural and Field of Dreams, two classic American films about baseball. As corny as it is when Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones start waxing poetic, they are correct. The smell of fresh-cut grass, the feel of oiled leather, and the crack of a bat hitting the ball; there is nothing like it. And there is no greater feeling than the one you get after throwing a perfect 12 to 6 curveball.

    I'm sure the Spanish are cool, but he's the one that said they are rude (though he should visit New York/New Jersey if he thinks all Americans are helpful on the street). Personally, I'll always harbor a grudge for their ending of multiple Native American civilizations, but let us leave the past in the past. Siestas are cool.
  20. Oct 21, 2005 #19
    Does no one get my sense of humour? :cry:
  21. Oct 21, 2005 #20
    I thought those were a central american tradition (word?), not spain spanish.
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