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B Speed of light and higher dimensions

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    will there be any effect on the speed of light ,when it travels from higher dimensions to three dimensions of space ?
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    What do you mean by this?
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    i meant, what is the speed of light at higher compressed string theory dimensions?
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    It never happens that light travels from higher dimensions to 3D space. In theories with additional compact dimensions, those compact dimensions exist at each point in the non-compact dimensions. So it never leaves the higher dimensions, it is always in both.
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    and will there be any change ,while it is travelling in higher dimensions?
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    Again, it is always traveling in all dimensions.
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    does this mean the universe our universe exists within shares the speed of light?
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    The speed of light is what it is.
    In the Universe we know, the speed light can be measured, it is constant.
    There s no reason I know of why light must travel at that speed. but it does.
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    Our universe is not known to exist within another universe, so your question isn't answerable.
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    Like gravity?
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    I think he/she means that just like the bread slice example of multiverse which explains why gravity is weak, maybe speed of light is also distributed in the multiverse.
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    I think the OP is just wondering if light can have a velocity component in an extra dimension which would make the projection of the velocity in our usual number of dimensions look smaller.
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    My (naive) understanding is that the extra dimensions are smaller than the typical wavelength of particles, so there is no room to "move" in those directions. I suppose it should be like moving in a waveguide. Are there different waveguide modes?
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