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Homework Help: Speed of waves through two String

  1. Jul 1, 2011 #1
    A 1800 N irregular beam is hanging by its ends from a ceiling by 2 vertical wires A and B. Each are 1.24 m long and they both weigh 2.9 N. The center of gravity of this beam is 1/3 of the way along the beam from the end where wire A is attached.

    If you pluck both strings at the same time at the bottom, what is the time delay between the arrival of the 2 pulses at the ceiling

    v= sqrt(T/mu)

    so for the velocity in strng A I did va=sqrt((1/3T+5.8)/(.23864)=50.22

    did the same thing for b and got 71.026

    so for the time we do Deltax=vt so t=1.24/v

    tb= .0174

    to the time difference is .00714

    my question is if I did everything right?
    since the tension is higher in beam A shouldnt that one reach the ceiling for B, for some reason it turned out the other way around when I solved for v
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    Check your equation for va.

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