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Spontaneous disintegration in classical mechanics

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    Could someone demonstrate to me how in Landau's Mechanics book, he gets from equation (16.5)

    tan θ = (v_0 sin θ_0) / (v_0 cos θ_0 + V)

    to equation (16.6)

    cos θ_0 = -(V/v_0) sin^2 θ ± cos θ √[1 - (V/v_0)^2 sin^2 θ]

    I am using the quadratic formula, and the first term on the right comes out fine, but I can't get the second term.

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    It worked out for me. What did you get for the quadratic you needed to solve and what did you get for the discriminant?
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    Oh boy, I remember doing that one
    a lot of the equations in those books are quite annoying (not 'hard' exactly) to arrive at.
    you just need to make use of [itex]sin=\sqrt{1-cos^2}[/itex]

    there are a lot more tricky ones later on though so good luck :devil:
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