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Homework Help: Spring system: Relationship b/t mass and distance object travels

  1. Mar 17, 2012 #1
    A spring is at the bottom of a frictionless incline. When a box of mass M compresses the spring distance x and is released from rest, the box slides distance d up the incline (measured from where the box is at rest).

    a) Suppose a box of mass 2M is used to compress the spring distance x,and is released from rest. The distance the box will slide up the incline is?

    b)Suppose a box of mass M is used to compress the spring distance 2x, and is released from rest. The distance the box will slide up the incline now is?

    For a) Im pretty sure that if the mass is doubled, the distance traveled will decrease, as I believe the acceleration would be cut in half. But how do I determine by exactly how much? What is relationship b/t mass and distance?

    For b) the force is doubled so I think acceleration doubles but what about distance traveled?

    Any advice? Please help...
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    You are concentrating on acceleration - which can lead to the answer - but you have chosen not to consider Energy - which can give a global view of what is happening without going into each specific.
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