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Ssh to your machine from anywhere?

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    What is it you have to do if you want to be able to ssh to your machine from anywhere? I know what it takes if you're connecting to one thats on the same network. And I'm not talking just ssh, I also mean telnet, ftp, etc....Kind of a noob question.
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    Well I use putty for ssh ( http://www.putty.nl/download.html [Broken] ) as a client. it can also be used as a telnet client. If you want to connect to a server as ftp you can just use internet explorer or firefox or even telnet by connecting to port 21, although you'd have to know the commands for ftp.

    But if you want to turn your PC into a server, then you can install VNC server which will let you see your desktop as if you were sitting behind the computer.
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    I'm familiar with all the clients. I just want to be able to connect to my linux machine at home when I'm at school.
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    Install sshd, the SSH daemon.
    If your linux machine is behind a firewall/router, make sure that port 22 is open.
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    I installed sshd. But now am I supposed to be able to: ssh myipaddress from anywhere now? I still can only do it from my other computer which shares the same ethernet connection, on the same network that is. Is there anything else I am supposed to do? This is probably a stupid question.
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    So, you can ssh to localhost? and ssh to your computer from computers in the same subnet sharing the internet connection via a router/firewall?

    Next, you have configure the router/firewall to forward port 22 to the computer in your local network.
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    I don't think the router is in my hands. I'm in an apartment in which everybody uses the same service. I may be wrong.
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    You need to configure PAT, ie what others have said.. Configure your router to forward anything that hits port 22 on your router to the internal IP address of your ssh server. In conclusion, if you dont admin your router you wont be able to do this...
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    Then you probably can't, unless the network admin is willing to setup the router to allow you to do so.
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    Yeah I don't admin my router. I will have to talk to the network administrator and see whats possible.
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