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Standardised uptake value in PET

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    Hello, I have been given an article on determination of body volume by PET, to read for a job interview. There are a few concepts that i dont quite understand (not coming from a medical background) and was hoping someone may be able to help me with the understanding. (Unfortunatly it would seem I dont have access to some of the key journals on the topic)

    This research is being undertaken so that in future the standardised uptake value (SUV) can be normalised to lean body mass (LBM) rather than weight. Once the volume is determined, the density can be found and, using the siri formula, the body fat calculated, which in turn can then be used to calculate the LBM.

    My questions revolve around the SUV. What is the SUV? How is it used in medicine? and why is it benificial to normalise it to LBM as oposed to weight?

    Also does anyone have experience of volume determination by PET? (whether it be tumor or whole body volume). This article concludes that whole body volume determination by PET is comparable to other methods - is this generally the accepted view nowadays?

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