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Star Catalogue Question - Stars near the Ecliptic

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    I'd like to create a catalogue of stars that are within a one degree belt along the ecliptic. Since most databases use RA/Dec coordinates, this appears to be a daunting task. Any suggestions?
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    Download a catalog and then write a computer program to compile new data files.

    If you have little programming experience, the following will work as well. Download the UCAC 2 catalog (http://www.hnsky.org/ucac2.htm [Broken]) and a program that let's you extract stars from the catalog using input parameters (http://www.projectpluto.com/ucac2.htm). If you use this program, you will have to manually determine the appropriate window size and RA and Dec points along the ecliptic for each extraction.

    EDIT: You could accomplish the same (but for any catalog) by using the VizieR Service (http://vizier.u-strasbg.fr/viz-bin/VizieR). The standard output is in .html format and I do not recall if .txt format is an option--I just checked, yes it is.
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    Thank you for your prompt reply. I will investigate the VizieR Service.

    In the meantime, I read that NASA uses Ecliptic-coordinate databases for deep space probes, but I find no mention of such in lists of online star catalogues. It would be ideal if I could download such a database and make a simple extraction from it.
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