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Courses Starting a physics degree course questions about direction of study.

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    Hi, I'm a computer programmer who's just signed up for a physics degree with the Open University (UK) and I'm still undecided where to direct my study with regards choice of modules.

    Astronomy amazes me, the overwhelming size and age of the universe makes my head spin and excites my imagination.

    The spooky quantum stuff WOW's me, its almost like magic! form the basic interpretations I've read in popular science books and magazines... it bugs me, something chronic, that I don't know more about it.

    The maths stuff, while hard grind is very relevant to where I would like to take my current programming vocation: computer graphics and game development.

    But I cant take every module :¬( and need to make some decisions.. yet I'm interested in it all.

    If you guys had to decide on the direction of your study how did you make the call? and can you offer me any advice?

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    I don't know how the Open University works, but a normal 4-year physics curriculum includes both a significant amount of math, and a few classes on quantum mechanics. Neither astronomy nor cosmology (which is what you actually described) are considered core curriculum material for a physics major.

    - Warren
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    OU includes certain elements of all in the core and has a few select Astronomy modules you can pick up. It also has specific modules for at different points for quantum mechanics, maths over and above what would be considered "core" or modules.
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