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Statement of Purpose for Statistics PhD

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    Hey PF

    So I am writing a personal statement for a phd in statistics and i am not sure what all to include. each graduate school has very broad directions, and i'm not sure what to put.

    should i list a faculty member that interests me, or is that too much work? selecting one professor is difficult because i don't know specifically what i want to study other than something in statistics. i feel like when i applied to college i didn't know i wanted to study math, but after getting accepted and taking courses i found what i like. i narrowed it down. i feel that graduate school is the same; i know i want to study statistics, but i don't know any further details.

    please only respond if you are someone who reads these letters and makes decisions or used to make decisions/give input.

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    thank you so much! i posted this thread for a buddy of mine, and he's very thankful!
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