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Statistical analysis on the end point of a small volume of titration

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    Hello PF,

    I'm doing a Mohr's titration to determine Cl concentration.

    The volume I am working with is small, and it is not possible to obtain more. I have 2 uL of analyte to which I add 1 uL of indicator. Then, I add AgNO3 1 uL (0.014M) at a time until the endpoint is reached (color change).

    What is the proper way to do statistical analysis on the results?

    Representative Data:
    Standard 0.15M (Volume of titrant added, uL) : 22, 22, 22
    Analyte : 28, 34, 32

    For example, for the standard titration, the SEM would be 0 but there is always an uncertainty of 1 uL because the real endpoint is anywhere between 21 uL and 22 uL. For the analyte, the SEM is 1.8 which is larger than the uncertainty of 1 uL.
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    Stephen Tashi

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    Have you made any progress on this? There is a paper written about the statistical analysis of titration data, but nowhere I can access it without subscribing to something.

    You didn't say what results you expect from a statistical analysis. Is the final goal to estimate the mean CL concentration and its variance?
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